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my mum just told me to “stop being so depressed all the time”


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Rest in peace, Mongo from Shrek 2. Your life was fleeting but you will never be forgotten.

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Ghetto Dora the explora in the hood

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My friend just rigged it so she and her friends could play Mario Kart on the side of a house for someone’s birthday.

Now the whole neighborhood can watch as a friendship is blown away by a blue turtle shell

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An honest friendship is one in which even after weeks of not speaking, things are still the same whenever you choose to speak. I don’t see the obsession with talking to people every single day online or over text just to call yourselves friends. If you don’t talk to me for a while, I’m not going to assume you don’t want to be friends.

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jeanmarco headshot~

omg this is one of my first hand on non-kpop stuff after a huge anime hiatus, lol
hope we can all get along~ *runs and hides behind a pilow*

cr. RG307

no stealing please! thank you~

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Just wondering what people think of this, and if I should refine this and make it less sketchy/poopy lol~

Just a weird idea I had in my head.

Please leave feedback  :)

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My Love In My Mirror

An AU where Jean and Marco meet through a mirror which is actually a rip in space and time. This rip allows them to see and speak to each other as if they were in right in each other’s company. They’re the only ones who can actually use the rip to communicate. No one else can see nor hear Marco’s end of the rip except Jean, and vise versa. Completely willing to seem insane to the rest of the world, they continue to sit next to their mirrors to speak and enjoy each other’s company from worlds away. 

You should know I didn’t take my time on drawing this comic because the idea has been in my head far too long and I rushed to get it out, ok. 

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